Tonit | It's all about the journey

September 30, 2019

Get to know our portfolio companies that will be featured at the OKGN Tech Showcase on November 6th. Tonit is a Kelowna based company that has created an app that connects motorcycle enthusiasts allowing them to connect with other riders who have similar bikes, riding styles and interests, or are just nearby. Motorcycle owners spend 10 times the amount of money annually as do cyclists and Tonit has created an app to not only connect riders but also allow them to purchase goods as well as market to them.

Tonit set out to capture 5% of the North American market and is on track to do so by December of 2019. Since Tonit went live on the App Store in February of 2019 it has had meteoric growth and currently has 84,000 regular users. In our world we call this proof of concept. Tonit is on track to have 1,000,000 by December 2019 (5% of the North American Market) making it one of the world’s largest apps of its kind. We believe this company will be sold within 36 months to a motorcycle manufacturer or a motorcycle equipment distributor. There are a few spots left! Register today and secure your seat. All proceeds will go to The Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna.


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